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A pressure tank is important because it keeps water pressure at a constant level. It also keeps the water and air separated. Without these features the water pump would turn on and off quickly - a problem caused cycling - which can quickly burn out the pump motor.


Amtrol's WELL-X-TROL ®

Amtrol's advanced well tanks deliver unparalleled performance and longevity. With their sealed air charge and unique water chamber design, they're proven to be superior to any other well tank. These tanks are the first in the industry to offer a 7-year warranty.

Flexcon's FLEX-LITE ®

These tanks offer a less costly option without a sacrificing quality. Flexcon's FLEX-LITE tanks come with a 5 year warranty!

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The water you use and drink every day relies on an entire well pump system working as it should. Housatonic Valley Well Pump Services offers professional maintenance, installation and repairs in the New Milford, CT area. Prevent pollutants, extend the life of your pump system and seek emergency repairs day or night from your local experts.

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